Recurso de Master Class "Amazon private Label"

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Script para Contacto Inicial a Proveedores

My name is Jeyson Baldovino and I'm the purchasing mgr. for ACME.
We are in the process of adding a new product line to sell on Amazon and your products seem to be what we are looking for. Can you please address the questions below? 
1) Do you offer samples?
2) How much will the sample cost including shipping to the United States Zip code 38225?
3) What is the lead time to manufacture and ship 1 sample set?
4) Can we pay using Paypal or Trade Assurancel? What other payment methods do you accept?
5) Can we change the color and disegn of the product?
6) Can we brand with our logo (private label)?
7) What would be the MOQ?  What would be the cost per unit with our brand?
8) What is the shipping cost by Air Express to the USA? What are the carrier options? I am assuming that the shipping cost will be from factory to Amazon warehouse.
9) Once we placed the order, how long will take to process the order including shipping to Amazon warehouse (lead time)?
10) Can we order 300 units for the first order? We will like to make a small order of 300 units to test the market but in the future, we will like to increase the amount between 1,000 to 5,000 units.
11) Do you do bundles?
12) Are you the manufacturer?
13) Is Alibaba product Inspection allowed?
Our intention is to make an improvement to a product model that is already sold on Amazon, that product is the following
We will look forward to a prompt response.
Best Regards,
Jeyson BAldovino